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Work Improvement Teams Singapore


WIT or Work Improvement Team is basically a team whose main purpose for existence is by making improvements to work. Some prefer to call it WIT Teams while others are comfortable with WI Teams.


Work Improvement Team Singapore


The members of this team work together and concentrate on tackling issues facing their typical work areas. Even if WI is Work Improvement, one may quickly infer that for the teams to effectively make an improvement to work, they need to solve some type of problems.

Thus, problems are the WIT’s focus. Problems also refer to the hindrances to performance, obstacles to the workflow, defects, accidents, complaints, disruptions, wastes, and much more.

Work improvement teams in Singapore direct their mission to be involved in a problem. Aside from that, there are several pillars of WIT that you should know. These include the following:


  • Problem Solving

It refers to the change process. If a problem is solved, negative outcomes are changed to positive outcomes.


  • Teamwork

The letter T in WIT refers to a team. Work improvement teams require the process of problem-solving is done through a team of individuals. Typically, the teams of individuals have ownership or share in the responsibilities of the problems. Thus, it’s in the interest of team members to cooperate as well as contribute to the resolution.


Every team member, having common objectives will share their ideas and experiences, participates in diagnostic work, investigation work, in the process of creating ways to tackle problems. This process is actually scientific. Everything will be guided by evidence, followed by experimentation and trial. After this, a full pledge implementation of the possible solutions is taken.




For everyone to tackle the issues, the team should find some new ways to overcome them. If there is progress, change is inevitable. There should be a break with an old approach to putting in place a good one. Change starts from the bedrock of the best possible ideas. Each team member is encouraged to contribute several creative ideas to build up stocks of ideas. Such ideas will undergo a procedure of refinements by all brains within the team. The results are great ideas that will be a solution implemented and designed to yield some good results.

If you have a company and requires a work improvement team for a particular project, it might be hard for you to get started. Fortunately, we can help you with creating your own work improvement teams in Singapore. Our training program is designed to facilitate you with the creation of the best possible work improvement team that is suited for your needs and will surely give a solution to your never-ending concerns.

We know how challenging it is to form a work improvement team and we understand your struggle. If you want to experience peace of mind and see results with your work improvement team, never hesitate to give us a call for your needs. Our training program is ideal for a company out there who needs assistance with their WIT needs. Contact us today!


Winning with Work Improvement Teams (WITS)

Enhance workplace efficiency & effectiveness through team creativity


In today’s world, there is a pressing need for organizations to lower costs, improve processes and raise the quality of their services and products in order to stay ahead of the game. The only way is through continuous improvement and innovation.

Work Improvement Teams (also known as Innovation & Quality Circles) aims to bring people together to identify important issues that are affecting costs, time and productivity. Using a systematic project management process and critical thinking tools, teams will study the problem, analyse the root causes, design and develop solutions that bring real results.

Not only does the organization benefit from greater productivity, employees also experience a greater sense of empowerment and pride in their work. The tools and techniques taught will enable participants to think analytically, systemically and creatively.

  • Why WITS?
  • The Project Cycle
  • Thinking Tools for Brainstorming, Decision-Making and Data Analysis
    • Decision Matrix,
    • Gantt Chart
    • Surveys & Check Sheets
    • Pareto Analysis
    • Cause-and-Effect Analysis
    • Tree Diagram
    • Forcefield Analysis
    • Adverse Consequences Analysis
  • Skills and Attributes of a WITS Leader
  • Barriers to Innovation

Employees from public and private organisations, regardless of their roles and seniority.


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