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Performance Management in Singapore


The process of effective performance management in Singapore aims mainly at aligning the team, offering support for employee development, and improving employee performance.

This guarantees that the organization, its employees, departments, processes, and teams all work towards optimizing the goals of the organization throughout the year. In this modern world of business, performance management is an integral aspect of any strategy of the business in Singapore.


Performance Management Singapore


It has become much easier today for you to acquire and analyze the data from every touchpoint of the business. For this reason, setting KPIs or Key Performance Indicators then tracking them is not a hard task.


Stages of Effective Process of Performance Management in Singapore


  • The Prerequisites Phase


During this phase, the desire for future position and mission of the organization are being defined as an aspect of setting the strategy. The process will then be cascaded to all departments in order to target each one of them. Every department must support the achievement of the main mission of the organization.

In the department, targets will be distributed to the teams. The required tasks, knowledge, methodologies, and skills needed for every specific job will be further identified through a job description.


  • The Performance Planning Phase


This phase determines the results that an employee should produce, the development plan agreed on, and the behaviors. This includes areas which need improvements as well as goals which must be achieved in every area.

The employee has the main ownership and responsibility of performance execution phase. The supervisor will document and observe performance every day, provide resources, coaching, feedback on the progression towards the goals, and opportunities for engaging in developmental activities.


  • The Performance Assessment Phase


It is a particular phase which evaluates the particular extent to which the desired behaviors were displayed, and the expected results were achieved. In addition, this performance assessment phase will also provide a formal setting wherein the employee will receive feedback on the previous performance, future plans, and developmental progress.

The last, but definitely not the least, the performance contracting and renewal phase are the same with the performance planning phase aside from the use of information and insights from the rest of the phases.

When your work encompasses project implementation, the process mentioned above must be used and followed for every project.

The most important thing that you have to keep in mind here is that you must never limit performance assessments and reviews to a quarterly or yearly task. The managers and the employees in an organization must all reflect on the set targets on a regular basis and while doing so, observe continuous improvements.

The process of performance management in Singapore is ongoing because of the fact that the needs of the customers, the products, and the markets themselves are and will never be constant. This should be conducted following a reasonable timeframe to ensure topnotch performance from all members of the team in an organization.


Performance Management For Managers Training


Most leaders tend to view their responsibility as getting tasks done. With the constant pressure of time, leaders tend to use their people as “hands and legs” to get things done, instead of human capital that deserve to be groomed and nurtured into the next generation of leaders. 

Consequently, performance management appraisals are often seen as year-end routines that everyone just has to “get it over and done with”. Opportunities for important conversations are lost. Over time, motivation wanes and performance of the staff stagnates.

  • People Development and Performance Management as a Leader’s Responsibility
  • Overview of Performance Management Framework & Systems
  • Setting Goals for Performance
  • Defining Employee Development
  • Doing 1:1 Check-in with Your Appraisee Throughout the Year
  • Handling Emotional Reactions to Feedback
  • Performance Evaluations Guidelines
  • Transfer of Learning Back to Work
  • Managers or Leaders who has to manage Performance Management at the workplace


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