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Influencing Advantage Program Online


For details like Synopsis and Program Outline, pls refer to The Power Of Influence Workshop.


Why take the Influencing Skills Training course on-line?


In the comfort and safety of your own home, you will be able to continue to learn and pick up essential influencing skills that are an essential survival skill in both work life and home life.

In the absence of being face-to-face with one another and with the pressure built from working at home, misunderstanding can easily happen and the working relationship may be strained.


Online Influencing Skills Training Singapore


Take The Influencing skills workshop to pick up the skills to scan personality types and to learn skills to influence in various challenging situations. Get people to say “Yes” to you even when you don’t have authority over them.


How will the workshop be conducted?


The program has been re-designed to make use of online technology tools to support and enhanced learning in a virtual classroom environment.

We are able to support platforms like ZOOM, Webex Training or per set up preference by your organization.


How will we still be effective on-line?


To maintain the efficacy of learning, we will propose to run the workshop with a smaller group size of up to 16 participants.  Apart from mini-lecture, we will have activities like small group discussions, quizzes, co-creation and collaborations, case studies, and role-plays carried out in the virtual classroom.

Material and resources like Learner’s Guide will be provided in digital format and allows learners to capture notes interactively.


What will the participant need in order to take the on-line course?


Pre-class Details

  • Email Address for Facilitator to communicate with
  • Whatsapp Chat group setup (1 day before facilitation and removed after facilitation)


Actual Workshop

  • Desktop or LapTop with a video camera
  • Headset
  • Stable Internet Access
  • Mobile phone for activities
  • Conducive environment


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