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Effective Negotiation Skills Singapore


There’s no question that effective negotiation skills Singapore are an essential part of doing business. With today’s competitive and hyper-connected market, the ability to negotiate in an effective manner is highly valued than ever before.

As a matter of fact, based on the study, it was estimated that many businesses lose millions every hour because of poor negotiating skills.


Negotiation Advantage Singapore


With this in mind, it was concluded that businesses could boost their overall profitability by as much as seven percent every year once they had great negotiation skills.

It is clear that negotiating skills are crucial in the business world.


Importance of Effective Negotiation Skills in Singapore


There are many reasons why effective negotiation skills in Singapore are important and these include the following:


  • Having a Negotiation Mindset is Advantageous for Everybody


While being able to negotiate is an essential part of hammering out contracts and boardroom meetings, the advantages extend far beyond such better-known applications. For instance, negotiation skills may be invaluable when discussing duties a new hire or an employee will have and may ensure that both parties know what’s expected.


  • Good Negotiating Can Boost Your Bottom Line


The goal of negotiations is to get the best possible deal for you and your business. To do this, you’re by definition enhancing your bottom line. For instance, if you can reduce your overhead by ten percent because of an effective negotiation, the money will go straight into your profit margins.


  • Makes a Win-Win Situations


Contrary to what others believe, the negotiation skills aren’t about beating the opposition. As a matter of fact, the best negotiators are the ones who can create win-win situations in which everybody walks out thinking that deals are a good one. While being able to get what one likes might seem to be a victory at the moment, the reality is lack of goodwill that’s generated by this might cause issues down the road.


  • Effective Negotiation Skills Allow You to Build Respect


In the business world, respect is a crucial part. It’s essential that your workers respect you if you like to get the most productivity and it’s as beneficial that clients, vendors, and anybody else you might be negotiating with respect. The impressions you leave after negotiations can be lasting, which could impact everything from your reputation to future negotiations. Take note that it’s better to be a bit intimidating character because of your negotiating skills compared to being looked at as a pushover at negotiating tables. Far from being the roadblock in the future deals, being able to negotiate would make people like to work with you.


Why Avail a Training Program to Develop Effective Negotiation Skills Singapore?


Leading the ways to be an efficient and effective negotiator is tough. That is the reason why it’s always a wise idea to consider a training program for you to develop negotiation skills and help you reach your goals. Our company offers the best training program on effective negotiation skills in Singapore. If you need professional assistance, we are here to help you! All you have to do is to call us!


Negotiation Skills 101 Workshop

Equip yourself with negotiation tactics and strategies that work!


When going into a negotiation, what kind of mindset you hold? A Fixed or Growth mindset? Negotiation is all about achieving the best outcome and maintaining long term relationship so that future collaborations is possible.

Learn powerful negotiation strategies and tactics to help you overcome the challenges and achieve win-win situations for both parties, achieving definitive agreements, strengthening work relationships, avoiding non-productive conflicts, and make more efficient use of that most precious of resources…time.

  • Negotiation
  • Negotiation Process
  • Tips for Informal Approach
  • Evaluation of success
  • Skills practice

Anyone involved in negotiation with suppliers, vendors and contractors.

Managers and leaders who need to acquire negotiation skills to further enhance their management and leadership effectiveness.


To do our part in the battle against Covid-19, we are offering the Online Negotiation Skills Workshop where you could learn the skill at the comfort of your home! Corporate group online workshop is now available using Zoom or WebEX or any other video conference tools. Check for more details.

For more expert Corporate Training Program in Singapore, contact us today and experience the difference!


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