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Mentoring For Success


There are sets of skills possessed by good mentors, making them sought out for their ability and knowledge to guide the mentees.

Mentors may have some skills required like being a good coach and a good speaker to the mentee. There are traits required to excel in this position.


Mentoring Skills Singapore


Competencies Necessary to be the Best Mentor


Be Able to Coach in a Constructive Manner

Mentees are going to depend on mentors to let them know how they’re progressing. Both parties should be comfortable to give praises where it is due and to enable mentees to know if there are areas they could improve. Mentors must also serve as motivators and let mentees know when they’re doing a good job.


Be Able to Communicate Actively

Mentorship is a mentee driven and mentor guided. Even if mentors are sought out for their knowledge and skills, they’re there for mentees. See to it that they’re listening actively and responding properly to the comments or concerns from mentees. Take note, communication is the key.


Interpersonal Traits Necessary to be the Best Mentor


Being Able to Give Their Time as Required

Mentors make a conscious commitment to help develop mentees in areas of need. It’d be highly disadvantageous and unprofessional to relationships if it were to treat that as a bother. Mentors must make time to make the relationship grow.


Have a Positive Attitude and an Open Mind

Mentors have the chance to make lasting impressions on potentially green employees. Mentors serve as the brand ambassadors. Having a positive attitude and keeping an open mind would help mentors connect with the mentee.


The desire to Be Part of a Relationship

Not only mentors are helping mentees advance their skill set, but also they must be picking up some things along the way. The relationship might be focused on the mentors, yet that does not mean they cannot learn from it. Some successful relationships were because of reverse mentoring.

Take note that mentoring is all about transferring competence, information, and experience to the mentees, so they could make good use of it, and establish their confidence accordingly. The mentors are there to nurture, encourage, and give support because they have walked the journey of their mentees already. It is also worth remembering that mentoring revolves around structured development. It means mentors do not need to tell mentee everything they know about the subjects. Workers can condition themselves with the use of expertise and skill of somebody who has been there and has done it before.


Mentoring Skills Singapore and Its Benefits for Your Company


  • Having a more positive working environment as well as nurturing leadership skills in mentors.
  • Improving the reputation of the organization both externally and internally through showing it is ready to invest in as well as encourage its entire workforce to grow.
  • Conveying management is keen to invest in a workforce that could lead to the reduction in turnover and staff loyalty.

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