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Managing Across Cultures Singapore


Managing people from various cultures can be extremely challenging, particularly if you have not had the right experience or training.


Managing Different Cultures


Our company focuses on helping businesses with this challenge through providing a training program on managing across cultures in Singapore that trains managers to understand the outs and ins of how to properly manage across cultures.


What Will You Learn from Managing Across Cultures in Singapore?


There are lots of things you will learn from managing across cultures and these include the following:


  • Managing Multicultural Project Teams


Almost everyone has learned from experience that managing people at remote locations is hard. You are also aware that the cultural differences make managing the project teams more challenging. With our years of doing training, managers from across the globe have revealed that there are some cultural variables that cause the most frustrations.


  • Direct vs Indirect Language


While there are no two people from any culture are the same, the members of project teams from hierarchical, relationship-focused cultures tend to use vague, indirect language to avoid offending others or losing face. They learn never to say no to bosses. On contrary, the majority of the task-focused managers expect the subordinates to use a straightforward language for expressing disagreement directly.


  • Hierarchical vs Egalitarian Management Behavior


Another behavioral difference that has something to do with contrasting assumptions and expectations is those team members that consist of Indian and Chinese, like most of the people in the world, come from stratified and hierarchical societies where the status differences are crucial, employees defer to the authority, learn not to challenge and contradict their boss, assume high-ups make all the decisions and tend to expect the detailed instructions as well as close supervision.

Of course, some problems may arise since egalitarian managers expect worldwide team members to do their work with minimal direction, to express disagreement openly, and use the initiatives they might have with the decisions of the project leader. Such differences explain why most experienced project managers from America complain that their Indian or Chinese team members cannot make decisions by themselves, lack initiative, avoid taking responsibilities, and expect micro-management.


Should You Hire an Expert for Your Needs in Managing Across Cultures?


If you are new to managing across cultures and you do not know how and where you should get started, you might want to let experts do the job for you. We offer a training program that allows you to manage across cultures with peace of mind and without experiencing any hassles. With our training program, you will be able to avoid any inconvenience, giving you ease when managing your company, regardless of the things that should be completed in no time.

We have been in the industry for several years helping other companies deal with their issues on managing across cultures. If you want to be one of our happy and satisfied clients, call us!

For more details about the training program on managing across cultures Singapore, never hesitate to call us and discover why we are the best!


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