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Influencing Skills Singapore


If you dream to be more successful in the future, you need to be able to influence other people. There are some who believe that it is enough to be good in your job for you to achieve success and recognition.

Sure, this will help, but if you like to be more successful, you also have to be great when it comes to influencing.

Having specialized in this field for so many years, our experience and research have identified several key areas that lie at the very heart of influencing skills.

This also led to a recognition that an accurate assessment as to how you measure up is important for you to focus more on your personal development in which it will have the best impact.


Influencing Skills Training Singapore


Critical Elements of Influencing Skills Singapore


  • Self-awareness – When you know yourself better, the higher the chance that you can influence others. Such self-awareness can help you in understanding the things you can capably do, your limitations, and the things you have to do for leveraging the greatest influence.


  • Understanding groups – A workplace is a type of social organization composed of several groups, informal and formal alike. Understanding these groups, how these work, and how these could achieve results can offer you a lot of opportunities for gaining influence more thoroughly and quickly.


  • Understanding others – It is crucial to have the ability of knowing what drives individual, how they react, and how they think. It establishes a solid foundation on which you can identify the most suitable approach to influence.


  • Influencing individuals – Since it is the most discussed area of influence, there is no way you can avoid it. You must have the ability of influencing others on a one to one basis before anything else. From there on, you can develop more refined approaches to influence.


  • Networking – Networking is usually considered as the best differentiator between the great and the good influencers. For you to work a room and establish an extensive array of exceptional personal contacts, you need to develop a highly useful resource that you can call on every time you need to for advice, information, and support.


  • Building trust – It has been shown in research that the lack of trust makes it unlikely to have a successful influence. Thus, the person who has influencing skills Singapore can act in such a way which establishes trust with those they work with.


  • Influencing groups – It is far more efficient to influence groups of people instead of merely focusing on individuals. Through a good understanding of the functions of various groups around you, you can come up with strategies to improve your influence and hasten the results you can get.


The Power of Influence™ Workshop

The Art and Science of Influencing Without Authority


Everything we do in life involves working with others, whether it is getting buy-in for your idea, asking for resources, securing commitment for a task, selling a product/service, or negotiating for a well-deserved pay raise.

Situations become even more complex when you have to work across regions and manage cross-cultures. Every single situation relies on the relationship you have with the person and also applying the right communication and influence strategy with skills so that you can move the person towards your goal.

  • Mindset Shift
  • Understanding Self
  • Influencing Energies, Styles and behaviors
  • Personality Types and preferred styles
  • The Power of Influence™ blueprint Case Studies and Role Play
  • Applying Influence in different scenarios
  • Stakeholder Management and Building Relationship
  • Leaders
  • Managers 
  • Supervisors of all levels

Anyone who wants to further improve their influencing skills at work and in their personal lives.


Under all these elements are several skills you have to master that can all help you become more influential. Working to develop your influencing skills Singapore will be able to help you a lot for you to achieve your goals at the fastest rate possible and contribute to the betterment not only of yourself but also of others.

To do our part in the battle against Covid-19, we are offering the online influencing skills training workshop where you could learn the skill at the comfort of your home! Corporate group online workshop is now available using Zoom or WebEX or any other video conference tools. Check for more details.


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