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Executive Coaching Singapore


Executive coaching in Singapore can measurably enhance the performance of the business and the professional growth of the senior executives or leaders.


Executive Coaching Singapore


Studies have revealed that 9 out of 10 executives believe coaching as worthy of their money and time.


What is Executive Coaching?


In simple words, executive coaching is a type of executive development strategy which builds management and leadership strength. Executive coaching can also leverage existing strengths to guide people to become even more successful in their present role and even the next level. There are even instances when it is essential to establish certain skills, delegate, minimize, or outsource non-strengths. This can also help change ineffective patterns of thinking or ineffective behaviors.

Executive coaching in Singapore is all about understanding where you are exactly today, where you aspire to be, and learn the things necessary to successfully get there.

Executive coaching also involves action learning as well as working hand in hand with a coach. This is a personalized and confidential process of learning. Through partnering with the experience of the coach, insights, and observations with the existing sets of skills, executives can achieve success faster and with generally more superior results.

The coach serves as the resource for feedback, accountability, and support. The success of the executive is the only goal of our coach.


Who Can Benefit from Executive Coaching Singapore?


Some senior-level executives including C-level individuals, VPs, and Directors who have had a successful history in their past or current roles can all take advantage of executive coaching in Singapore. These people have expertise that the organization values and are considered to have the potential to contribute at a much greater level compared to what they currently contribute. But, organizations usually see these people have a greater potential if they can boost specific skills or decrease limiting behaviors.

There are also instances when the executives themselves can be dissatisfied with their level of progress or effectiveness in the organization. Most of the time, they know what lacks in their performance yet they have no idea what to do to fix the problem. It could be because they don’t get enough feedback or their lack of role models in the organization. They look forward to how coaching gives them a good return on investment in terms of money and time.


Return on Investment of Executive Coaching


With the return on investment being a very critical consideration for justifying an investment in money and time in the modern business world, organizations have all the right to expect for an ROI in the process of executive coaching Singapore. Thus, it is best to start the process of executive coaching by defining clear goals of the business which will improve effectiveness and profitability.

The coach serves as a partner which helps create a solid return on investment as the result of achieving the goals of the executive in a more effective manner. As the business partner, an executive coach helps in the following:


  • Clearly pinpoint leadership behaviors which can be built on to help executives contribute to higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Boost awareness of blind spots which can reduce success.
  • Identify brand new improvement strategies and behaviors.
  • Offer constructive feedback which redirects behaviors.
  • Come up with action plans to sustain the forward movement.


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