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Emotional Intelligence Singapore


While there are several advantages of having high intelligence, many supervisors, managers, and some workers have become keenly aware that the success of a workplace may depend on their capability to use an invaluable personality trait, which is emotional intelligence.


Emotional Intelligence Singapore


What to Know About Emotional Intelligence in Singapore?


The main concept of EQ or emotional intelligence was introduced in 1990. It refers to one’s capacity to manage, evaluate, and identify emotions in other people and one’s self. While other researchers believe that this ability might be developed and trained, some experts suggest emotional intelligence is a trait that a person should be born with.

The skills involved in emotional intelligence are social skills, empathy, motivation, self-regulation, and self-awareness. Recently, it has become a buzzword in HR departments around the world, yet researchers say that it’s time emotional intelligence should be taken seriously.

Embracing human emotion’s nuances in the workplace may have pragmatic benefits including better collaboration among the employees and a happier workplace.


Benefits of Emotional Intelligence in Singapore


There are numerous advantages to having employees who are emotionally intelligent. EQ has proven to make everyone work better with each other. As a matter of fact, it’s all about how individuals function with themselves and in their relationships.


  • Better Teamwork – You can never deny the fact that employees can work better on the team when they have high emotional intelligence. People who have higher EQ communicate with the team members better compared to the ones who aren’t in tune with their EQ. They are open to the ideas of others and share ideas. They’re also less likely to take control of situations completely and run the show by themselves without thinking of other people first.


  • Better Office Environment – One of the many advantages of emotional intelligence in the workplace is morale-boosting. If you have an office full of staff that respects each other and gets along, the culture of the company is bound to be stronger. The workplace will also be an area of fun and enjoyment. Not only staff members enjoy the work they’re doing, but they also enjoy those whom they do it with.


  • It is Easier to Make Adjustments – It is vital for companies not to remain stagnant. Through focusing on the company and self-improvement constantly, businesses are bound to experience change. However, with a change, it could be turmoil. It is not a new concept and it one leader frequently struggles with.


Even if employees know that the changes within their company happen based on what’s necessary or what’s best for businesses, they might not welcome it with open arms. Nevertheless, employees with high EQ, everything can be adjusted easily. In fact, more often than not, they can embrace change and grow with your company. It’s a valuable personality trait, which can be contagious among the teams.

People with high emotional intelligence level understand that acting in a provocative, negative, and irrational way would escalate situations unnecessarily. So, if you want to improve emotional intelligence Singapore in your company, make sure to contact us.


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