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Critical Thinking Singapore


Critical thinking pertains to the ability to appropriately conceptualize, evaluate, synthesize, analyze, and apply information to a valuable solution or answer is obtained.

This is a skillful way of thinking and an intellectual ability which allows a person to reason deeper or further compared to an average person with relevance and clarity, precision and accuracy through the breadths and depths with sound evidence, fairness, and good reasons. it is often based on logical reasoning and evidence.


Critical Thinking Singapore


Critical thinking Singapore goes beyond simply gathering and sustaining information. This also seeks out and treats information in a more ambitious and careful manner. in addition, this also goes beyond a mere development of skills yet focuses on the consistent and continual use of the acquired skills.

Simply put, critical thinking is an ability of logically reasoning beyond the information’s surface to make unbiased and true judgments that are otherwise not seen by normal thinkers. This is the consistent ability to use facts instead of allegations.

Critical thinkers will always focus or consider an evidence and not sentiment. This is a skill common among all of the world’s greatest investors.


Importance of Critical Thinking in Singapore


There is no denying that it is of great value to have the ability to think better than other people. There are instances when issues without proven or obvious solutions arise. During these instances, it is a must to find ways to solve them. However, it will never be achieved when the problem is not critically thought through. Some of the key advantages of critical thinking in Singapore include the following:


  • Critical thinking can help when stressful situations arise. Although stress affects the choices made by a person, critical thinkers may depend on their logical decision making and reasoning skills to reach sound decisions.


  • Critical thinking can help you during your quest for better academic achievements and to actualize your goals in your career or profession.


  • This can also enhance the cognitive skills that can make you a better solver of problems and a better thinker. This also facilitates intellectual self-improvement. It is due to the ability of consistently setting aside your ego or emotions and focusing instead on working with pieces of evidence or facts.


  • This can also help you develop a more active or creative brain. It is a great way to exercise your brain to consistently practice deep reasoning into things and this can improve the ability of your mind to reason.


Ways to Enhance Your Critical Thinking


These are the key ways to improve your critical thinking skills.


  • Investigate assumptions and assertions and not simply grasp them as they are.
  • Master your own judgment. Be objective and know all your biases.
  • Build your personal intellectual capacity.
  • Associate with smart people.


Critical thinking in Singapore is a must in this contemporary world of business and organization. This is why it should be developed for every chance you get. You have to work with the experts to help and guide you to become a more critical thinker.

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Six Habits of Highly Creative People Training

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Increasingly complex challenges against an ever-changing landscape of cut-throat competition, complex interdependent systems and rapid innovation, people need creativity more urgently than ever to find effective solutions to complicated problems. Yet surprisingly, most people do not consider themselves creative.

They tend to listen to others and follow others’ ideas rather than to trust themselves to come up with the great ideas. Is it because creativity is an inborn gift that cannot be learnt? Or is because creative people possess certain habits and behaviors that make them consistently different from others? Habits are what we do on a regular basis and it matters much more than what we do on occasion.

Discover why creativity is actually a discipline of the mind and body. Find out what are the six habits of highly creative people that anyone can learn and adopt to unleash the inner creativity within you!

  • Learn how you can be creative everyday of the week!
  • Understand how your habits impact you and determine the results you get
  • Learn what the 6 Habits of Highly Creative People are and how you can adopt them
  • Habit 1 gets you to tap into your natural hidden gift of imagination
  • Habit 2 pushes you to go beyond one right answer
  • Habit 3 makes you change your perspective and see new possibilities
  • Habit 4 helps you bullet-proof yourself from the sting of failure
  • Habit 5 encourages you to question patterns and habits
  • Habit 6 re-ignites your passion and purpose of giving your best in all that you do

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