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Coaching Skills Singapore


You are working with people and you want to know how you will be able to help them become more productive, efficient, and effective. You also want to do this in such a way that will make people feel good about themselves and where they are working. What is the magic bullet for this?


Coaching Skills Singapore


While coaching might not be the magic bullet, this is a set of skills to help you achieve these things and more. Coaching skills can bring together interpersonal skills and understanding of how individuals communicate and function. They help you tap into personal responsibility and ownership and motivation in those being coached.

Since coaching is composed of a set of skills, this can be easily learned. Some of these skills include the following:


  • Staying in and gaining rapport – A coach or manager works hard to establish a place of understanding and safety for a coachee to explore behaviors and issue. It is most easily accomplished through maintaining and gaining rapport with a coachee.


  • Listening – A coach or manager has developed listening skills way beyond simply hearing the spoken words. This is the ability to understand the non-verbal and verbal content, the implications and context of non-verbal and verbal communications which makes a great listener. This is also the ability to connect with the specific language being used by the coachee whether this is kinesthetic, auditory, visual, or something else.


  • Asking questions – Questioning is one of the major coaching skills in Singapore. Coaches or managers are skilled in raising open-ended questions which cause a coachee to see things from entirely different perspectives, challenge the self-limiting beliefs, get a brand new understanding, and others. The main reason to ask questions is to assist the coachee in tapping into their personal resources, to look for solutions, and accept ownership of behavior and situations.


  • Creating learning and awareness – A coach or manager makes use of various techniques and tools to help the coachee become more aware of his personal beliefs, behaviors, and thinking, and help him learn the way he prefers to move forward. The coach or manager makes use of a discovery process for the coachee to find his personal results and be accountable for his decisions.


  • Managing accountability and progress – The coach or manager doesn’t hold a coachee accountable. Instead, the put the coachee in charge of his personal accountability and progress. It removes the responsibility from the coach or manager and places it on its rightful spot, right on the coachee’s shoulders.


These are the coaching skills in Singapore that every coach or manager must develop. Never wait to learn all these skills and more. Since these skills have a big role in making you more effective and ensuring that your job becomes easier, you have to develop such skills at the soonest time possible.

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